Leasing Information

Property Information

  • Sites on a 32.26-acre lot
  • Located on Highway #5 West | 112 kilometers east of Saskatoon
  • West of downtown, schools, and uni-plex
  • Located in the growing city of Humboldt
  • City boasts a new 42-bed regional hospital
  • Humboldt is fast becoming a strong regional centre with a variety of amenities
  • Humboldt proper, is preparing for growth of 700+ residential lots
  • Surrounding area is expected to grow by an additional 400+ residential lots

Location Information

The trading area encompasses up to 30,000 consumers and includes several of the following sizable communities:

  • Lanigan 47 kms
  • Wakaw 97 kms
  • Wynyard 110 kms
  • Watrous 114 kms
  • Melfort 127 kms

The Strength of Humboldt

Humboldt is a strong regional hub that services 31 communities, including muenster, Lanigan, Wynyard, Watson, and Leroy to name a few.

Current population count rests at approximately 6850, and Humboldt is on the cusp of growth and readying themselves for a population growth to 11,200 by 2023.

Being situated in the city of Humboldt makes good sense, now more than ever. mining, manufacturing, agriculture & food processing are driving economic growth region.

Highly Anticipated Projects

Two (2) major projects are expected to contribute to the growth and vitality of Humboldt and the surround- ing areas; BHP Billiton is planning to begin the Jansen mine project by 2020, bringing additional growth the the city and area.

By 2023, this same venture is projecting a total employee complement of 1,050 individuals; all needing products and services on a daily basis.

Future Tenants

  • Humboldt Family Physicians